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We are accredited mortgage brokers in Sydney who works best in your interest. Being in the industry for so many years we know how to find the right loan for you at very competitive rates!

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At Borrow Wise Loans, we have the expertise and experience to clearly understand our client’s needs and objectives and accordingly help them in securing the most suitable loan product at a very competitive interest rate.

Getting a loan for your own home or investment property is one of the biggest financial decisions you make in a lifetime. There is too much to know and a huge variety of different loan products available in the market which can sometimes become overwhelming to deal with on your own and can lead to stress, anxiety and maybe a wrong decision.

Therefore it definitely helps to have us on your side to get the right loan product for you. The biggest advantage of having us on your side is that you will be dealing with a qualified professional who is a member of CA ANZ and FBAA throughout the process and that too at no cost to you as we don’t charge any fees to our clients and we get paid directly by the lenders.

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Why Choose Borrow Wise Loans?

Here are Few Reasons Why :

Chartered Accountants

We are qualified Chartered Accountants – professional service is guaranteed.

State of the art Technology

With our software’s you wouldn’t have to move a finger.

Empowering Clients

We will be your guide, we will educate and empower you to take the right decisions.

Putting you First

We work for you and not for the banks to find you the right loan.

Choice of lenders

With 35+ lenders on our panel, clients will be provided with a wide array of choices.

FBAA Registered

Our brokers are registered with FBAA which is Australia’s premier finance broking associations.

Assisting in All Stages

We take care of everything from approval to post-approval and follow-up, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

It Does Not Cost You Any Money!

We are paid a commission by the lender, not by you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mortgage broker?

A mortgage broker acts as the go-between a customer and a bank when choosing and applying for a home loan. They assess your financial needs, compare home loan products from a number of different lenders on your behalf and manage the mortgage application process all the way to settlement and beyond.

Why don’t I just go to the Bank myself?

A mortgage broker can save you time and money. A bank can only offer products from within its own portfolio, while a mortgage broker has access to a wide variety of lenders and products. This means that you can get the best mortgage for your needs, not just the one that fits the bank's criteria.

Mortgage brokers are also knowledgeable about current market conditions and interest rates, so they can help you get the best deal possible. They also take care of all the paperwork for you, which can be a huge relief when you're already stressed out about buying a home. And most importantly it's absolutely free!

How can we be sure that you will recommend a suitable loan?

As a licensed mortgage broker it is against the law for us to assist you with applying for an unsuitable loan. We provide you with all the good options and help you take the final decision. We never force any product on you and you can contact us anytime to clear your doubts, even on weekends!

We don’t live in Sydney or NSW. Can you still help us?

Does not matter where you live. We provide services all over Australia.

How long does pre-approval take with a broker?

It really varies lender by lender as the service levels of each lender are different and keep on changing constantly. However, on average for a straightforward application, it can take somewhere around 2-5 business days and for a complex scenario or situation it can take up to 2 weeks.

What is the purpose of the preliminary assessment?

A preliminary credit assessment is an evaluation of a borrower's creditworthiness that is conducted before the borrower applies for a loan. The purpose of the assessment is to determine whether the borrower is likely to be approved for a loan and, if so, what interest rate the borrower can expect to pay.

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